Matthew Quenet



Treating: Whole body muscular pains and injuries. Sport specific injuries. Disc, facet lower back pain and other related back issues. Tension related headaches, neck and shoulder complaints. 

The philosophy of Osteopathy is to treat the body as a whole, for example, a pain in the shoulder may be caused by a problem in the neck or vice versa. The aim of Osteopathy is to find any root cause as well as treating the presenting symptoms. 

A session with Matthew will include taking a thorough medical history, including lifestyle factors, physical assessment of the area of pain and surrounding structures and an appropriate treatment.

Having worked with a variety of different patients Matthew has come to see the benefits that Osteopathy can provide to people in all walks of life. Osteopathic treatment is partnership between him and the patient, both need to be actively engaged in the recovery process. This could include exercises and lifestyle adjustments.

Matthew has been involved in a variety of sports from a young age including Shotokan karate and Rugby. His sports activities led him into his interest in pursuing Osteopathy as a career. He trained at the European School of Osteopathy and holds a Masters degree in Osteopathy. He is registered with the General Council of Osteopathy and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. 

His GOSC registration number is 10261.

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What our Patients say about us - Testimonials:

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I have had issues with my neck and shoulder for around 4 years and have had various treatments but I can honestly say I would highly recommend Matthew. He was quick on identifying the problem, also giving me clear descriptions of what he was doing. I felt an improvement more or less straight away so I will continue to see Matthew.

Lisa Kendall - Credit Controller

February 2021

Testimonial for Osteopath - Matthew Quenet

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Had a session with Mathew after a back injury. From booking the appointment to the actual treatment, the whole experience was smooth and thoroughly professional. Very good service and would recommend them to any one looking for quality osteopathy service.

Sesh - Dentist 

January 2021,

Testimonial for Osteopath - Matthew Quenet

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