Homeopathy helps our bodies to recover its natural self-healing ability, thereby allowing our own immune system to do the work it is meant to do: to conquer illnesses.


According to homeopathic understanding, the substance that may have caused illness, is also capable of curing it, when prepared in homeopathic 'potency'. That same homeopathic remedy can help heal many other conditions as long as the symptoms are similar. The name homeopathy, coined by its founder Samuel Hahnemann, is derived from the Greek words for 'similar suffering' referring to the 'like cures like' principle of healing. Nowadays there are over two thousands homeopathic remedies, made of plants, minerals, animals and other substances.

Homeopathy can help with so many conditions including digestion, women's health, infertility, skin problems, allergies, hay fever, musculoskeletal pain and a whole host of other health issues that you might expect your NHS GP to help you with. In our experience, many people discover homeopathy after they have tried – and failed - to heal themselves using more conventional methods and medication.

One of the great characteristics of homeopathy is that there are no side effects and that it is safe. Homeopathy can often create speedy healing results, and in some cases, patients tell us that our homeopathy treatment feels almost miraculous. After years of searching for something to help them with a long-term condition, they can be restored to good health combined with a wonderful feeling of overall well-being.

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Nova Homeopath: Agata Anna

Nova Homeopath Testimonials

Read some of our recent Patient Testimonials

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I contacted Agata following a friend's recommendation and after less than two months, my IBS and PMS symptoms simply vanished. I had been suffering with severe PMS symptoms - breast pain and inflammation, water retention, headaches - as well as IBS for about 20 years. Symptoms which I believed were due to hormonal imbalances had gone away in such a short time and now I can have a normal body and life for the duration of the whole month. I was skeptical about the homeopathic treatments in general but after learning how efficient the remedies are, Nova Natural Health Clinic will be my first stop before reaching for medicines from now on.

Ramona - Accountant

March 2021

Testimonial for Homeopath & Acupuncturist - Agata Anna

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I was diagnosed with endometriosis, 2 ovarian cysts (chocolate cysts related to endometriosis) and prolactinoma.

I had extremely painful periods, also pelvic and abdomen pain and bloating in between periods. I came to see Agata for a homeopathy therapy. With the remedies prescribed, my health improved considerably. I have found Agata professional, knowledgeable and most importantly she listened to my issues. I would definitely recommend. Thank you  

Anita - Stevenage

March 2021

Testimonial for Homeopath & Acupuncturist - Agata Anna

* * * * *

Agatha has really been amazing. I've seen so many doctors for various problems which I've suffered from recently around my ovarian cysts, back pain and other problems but noone could help. Agatha is the first person who really listened and took full interest in my wellbeing holistically. She looked at all my symptoms recent and past and from there gave me homeopathy to treat me. I really appreciate it and can say that my health is really improving with her help. 

Umisha - Graphic Designer

February 2021

Testimonial for Homeopath & Acupuncturist - Agata Anna

* * * * *


Agata has been my homeopath for 7 years and the treatment have improved all the ailments and symptoms. I have been suffering from hay fever for 10 plus years and only after one treatment it has been fully cured.
Agata has treated my son’s eczema, teeth problems and his ear infections.
I was skeptical about homeopathy until I saw the results with my own eyes. Thank you!

Han P. - Teacher 

Google Review, January 2021

Testimonial for Homeopath & Acupuncturist - Agata Anna

* * * * *

I prefer a natural route to getting better and I don't like doctors. Agata provided a holistic approach to healing. I am so grateful for all the help she has given me over the last couple of years.

Homeopathy Patient: Robert B. 

* * * * *

Agata has been my homeopath for several years. She has helped both my son and I on a physical and emotional level. 

Homeopathy Patient: Hana O. 

* * * * *

Agata advises our whole family on health issues and we couldn't be happier. She listens, understands, and provides remedies which actually work. My children haven't taken antibiotics since we started with this homeopathic approach.

Homeopathy Patient:  Victoria S. 

* * * * *

I struggled with hay fever for years. I heard that homeopathy can help and Agata was recommended to me. She gave me remedies after my first consultation and I started taking them the following day. Within a few days my hay fever had stopped completely. If only I’d known before that it was that simple. 

Homeopathy Patient: Greg N.

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