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Nova Natural Health / Spine & Wellness Clinic - Covid-19 Update

& How our practitioners can help you.

22nd March 2020

Dear Patient,


Firstly we hope you are well and finding a way to cope with this very challenging situation.

With the social distancing measures in place we can no longer treat you in person. But we are still here for you, your family and friends, and will do our best to help whenever we can. 


Please get in touch, if you think we can help you. Both our Chiropractor and Homeopath will be offering free call backs to try to assist with your health issues throughout this difficult period. 


We would also like to take the opportunity to say big thank you to all nurses, doctors, hospital and other key workers. Thank you for doing it for us.




Our Chiropractor can advise you on exercises, posture etc for when you can’t get specialist care. 


Our Homeopath can assist patients with a variety of health problems, that you would normally go to your GP with including: pains, symptoms associated with viral flue (or similar), emotional issues including anxiety due to self-isolation and many more. Homeopathy is especially effective for children’s acute and also long-standing problems. It is safe, gentle and in many cases acts fast. The remedies are always matched to the patient and his/her individual symptoms and so a consultation is required. 




1. Please fill in a short form (click here) or if unable to access then text us on 07534 620 332


2. Our Homeopath or Chiropractor will call you back as soon as possible. Please allow up to 2 working days


3. If we think you will benefit from homeopathic remedies, and we have the right remedies in stock, we will send them to you (free of charge, for as long as we can) or they may be available for collection. Alternatively we will advise you on what to buy.


Please note, we cannot see you in person until further notice.



  • All pre-booked appointments will be cancelled, there will be no cancellation fees

  • If you have a prepaid plan, the plan will be extended so you don’t lose any money

  • If there are any outstanding fees currently, we will send you a payment link over the next couple of days



Please text our mobile line: 07534 620 332 or if you require assistance with any health issue please fill in this short form. At present, this is the best way to communicate with us. We may take longer to reply than usual, but we will reply, as soon as we are able to do so. 


There will be moments of feeling overwhelmed with the current situation but don’t let it get you down. Keep safe!


Best wishes

Nova Clinic Team

Jan, Agata, Lewis, Anna