I had an amazing acupuncture treatment this evening and I would like to let you know how much I appreciated it. Thank you.

Barbara R

One of my Christmas presents was a voucher for a few sessions of facial acupuncture at Nova clinic. I was very apprehensive because I don't like the idea of needles, but at the same time I really wanted to try this therapy because my friend – who gave me the voucher - had told me how much she enjoyed it. Nova clinic felt very welcoming; it's not like a spa, more like a small clinic, and it feels very cosy and friendly. And the needles didn’t hurt at all! But the acupuncture was only part of the treatment. After the needles were taken out I had a gentle facial massage and then gua sha and face cupping treatment. I noticed the difference in my appearance after only one session. The following day my face seemed brighter and someone said that my eyes were very shiny. I felt great and I'm glad that I've got a few more sessions to go.

Malgorzata K

I arrived at Nova Clinic with some considerable back pain that I had been ignoring for some time. This was starting to affect my performance in my kickboxing career -  restricting movement and flexibility. The team at Nova managed to quickly get me out of pain and they’ve also done some amazing corrective work that has improved my range in motion and flexibility. They have all helped me in some way, whether it’s with Nova’s corrective treatment, injury recovery and advice. I highly recommend the whole team!

Stacey Parker

2014 Kickboxing World Title Champion

I have been attending Nova Clinic for three months, and it’s one of the best things I could have done. I have had continual back pain for eighteen months, and it was getting worse. Thanks to Nova I am 75% improved; my posture is the best it’s ever been. (My friends all think I have been dieting but it’s just that I stand so much better now.) The team at the clinic are great; very professional and knowledgeable; good fun as well. If you have any problems I urge you to contact Nova and see what a difference they can make to you.

Gratefully Jan H.

We have been coming here since 2012 and the treatments have helped with my slipped disc. My daughter, who competes for GB in D.M.T gymnastics discipline, had some injuries and the treatment has also helped her recovery so that she can train at an elite level. I would recommend Nova team for their understanding and compassion.

Maureen D.

After a serious road traffic accident many years ago, I saw some chiropractors, medical practitioners and doctors who tried over the years to ease my pain and discomfort. Nobody seemed to be able to help me until I discovered Nova Clinic. They took me on, found out what was wrong, and made me better. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Everyone should have Nova in their lives. We are truly blessed.

Carol N.

I started my Nova journey nearly two years ago, after suffering a bad back from carrying two children. Well, I can say that I have never looked ‘back’. I highly recommend Nova team. 

Caroline Z.

I arrived at Nova Clinic three years ago with bad back pains and a spine that was out of alignment. It took several months of intense treatment and lots of effort but then improvements came extremely rapidly. The pain disappeared and my spine is now more or less aligned. The advice throughout has been outstanding, not just regarding my back but all areas of my general health and well-being. The team are welcoming, friendly and have a good sense of humour. The clinic is a calm place to sit, be and reflect. Thank you to all of you for your support, understanding and kindness throughout.

Wilma S.

Nova team are capable, dedicated and personable healthcare providers. I feel confident in saying that they are capable of handling any issues, injuries or concerns any patient might have. They are outstanding.

Nadim S.

As a 65+ year old tri-athlete, my body and health are important. Spinal adjustments are absolutely essential to my success. Without them, I couldn’t do what I do.

Richard M.

Thanks to the treatment received at Nova Clinic I sprinted for the first time in over 3 months last Saturday without any major problems. If you have back problems and it is disrupting your lifestyle I highly recommend Nova team. By investing your time and money, following a recovery programme, it will be a matter of time before you start enjoying the things you gave up as a result of your injury.

Carlo P.

The team at Nova Clinic are kind and helpful. You can put your trust in them. I would be happy to recommend them in their pursuit for helping individuals in a holistic manner.

Andy Lowe, Director at Health Emporium Hitchin.

I have used the team at Nova both personally and when recommending them to my clients. They are at the top of their game; they help you get back to health and they always go that extra mile for you.

Michelle Smith, Director of The Pilates Pod Hitchin.

Since being under the care of Nova team, the biggest difference I’ve noticed is that the pain is gone. Before, I couldn’t walk very far or stand for very long without pain. Now I can. I also have a lot more flexibility and can move around better to do things like gardening. Nova has changed my life.

John L.

I came in with low back pain and restricted movement. I’d also been in a car accident and had suffered whiplash. I’d tried physiotherapy and painkillers, but I wasn’t seeing the improvement I wanted. I feel as though the Nova treatment has been one of the best things I have done to improve my health and my performance in figure skating.

Chantel P.

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