Pawel Skrzypczak 


Traditional Chinese and Five Elements Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture, Moxa, Cupping. Pawel is passionate about Chinese Medicine approach to health and wellbeing. 


Pawel has years of experience with mental health, dementia, autism and learning disability as therapist, massage practitioner and Outreach Supported Living worker both in Poland and in the UK. He has brought relief from variety of health complaints to many patients.


Pawel's integrated Chinese medicine training creates unique diagnostic and treating approach that is of great benefit for patients who need to heal body (external) and mind (internal) in a holistic way.

Pawel holds BSc(Hons) from Kingston University - Licentiate in Acupuncture (Lic Ac), In his practice he combines Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Five Elements Acupuncture and often incorporates elements of Shiatsu, Moxa, cupping, bio-therapy and energy healing. He has been a practitioner of Dragon & Tiger Medicinal Qigong for several years.


Pawel is a volunteer at My Cancer My Choices charity and provides acupuncture for cancer patients in Royal Berkshire Hospital. 

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