Agata Anna


Acupuncturist & Homeopath, Nova Practice Director

Women's health, hormonal, infertility, emotional (anxiety, fears), allergies & skin issues, children's health

Facial rejuvenation with cosmetic facial acupuncture

I discovered the power of alternative medicine when my eldest daughter, who at the age of eight almost lost her hearing, was  healed with homeopathy (read full story here). After completing my degree I worked in the commercial sector for many years. Although I loved the challenges it posed, I was inspired by my daughter's 'miraculous cure', and eventually decided to take a more holistic approach to life and, several years ago, made a life changing career decision, which I have never regretted, to train formally and take up practicing alternative medicine as a profession.


Initially I trained as a classical homeopath, before completing a postgraduate practical homeopathy diploma. I also trained in Microsystems Acupuncture, dry needling (Western Acupuncture) as well as energy healing. In my practice, I often combine various therapies, as this speeds up the healing process. 

I took over Nova Clinic in 2017, setting out to provide various natural health therapies all under one roof. To that end I run regular Wellness Acupuncture and Wellness Day sessions and take part in many community events. I am committed to making alternative and complementary medicine more accessible to enable more people to discover the power of natural healing. 

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Homeopathy for Children & Babies
Homeopathy for Teenagers
Homeopathy for Women's Health including Hormonal Imbalances, Infertility & Menopause
Homeopathy for Men
Nova Homeopath: Agata Anna

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I contacted Agata following a friend's recommendation and after less than two months, my IBS and PMS symptoms simply vanished. I had been suffering with severe PMS symptoms - breast pain and inflammation, water retention, headaches - as well as IBS for about 20 years. Symptoms which I believed were due to hormonal imbalances had gone away in such a short time and now I can have a normal body and life for the duration of the whole month. I was skeptical about the homeopathic treatments in general but after learning how efficient the remedies are, Nova Natural Health Clinic will be my first stop before reaching for medicines from now on.

Ramona - Accountant

March 2021

Testimonial for Homeopath & Acupuncturist - Agata Anna

* * * * *

I was diagnosed with endometriosis, 2 ovarian cysts (chocolate cysts related to endometriosis) and prolactinoma.

I had extremely painful periods, also pelvic and abdomen pain and bloating in between periods. I came to see Agata for a homeopathy therapy. With the remedies prescribed, my health improved considerably. I have found Agata professional, knowledgeable and most importantly she listened to my issues. I would definitely recommend. Thank you  

Anita - Stevenage

March 2021

Testimonial for Homeopath & Acupuncturist - Agata Anna

* * * * *

Agatha has really been amazing. I've seen so many doctors for various problems which I've suffered from recently around my ovarian cysts, back pain and other problems but noone could help. Agatha is the first person who really listened and took full interest in my wellbeing holistically. She looked at all my symptoms recent and past and from there gave me homeopathy to treat me. I really appreciate it and can say that my health is really improving with her help. 

Umisha - Graphic Designer

February 2021

Testimonial for Homeopath & Acupuncturist - Agata Anna

* * * * *


Agata has been my homeopath for 7 years and the treatment have improved all the ailments and symptoms. I have been suffering from hay fever for 10 plus years and only after one treatment it has been fully cured.
Agata has treated my son’s eczema, teeth problems and his ear infections.
I was skeptical about homeopathy until I saw the results with my own eyes. Thank you!

Han P. - Teacher 

Google Review, January 2021

Testimonial for Homeopath & Acupuncturist - Agata Anna

* * * * *

I enjoyed the cosmetic acupuncture session, and you know what is funny? I see my face different already! I love it!. Can't wait you see you again...

Michaela - Mother of small children

December 2020

Testimonial for  Acupuncturist & Homeopath - Agata Anna

* * * * *

I initially came to Nova Natural Health for cosmetic acupuncture.
I have probably been attending for about a year now.
I see Agata every two weeks for acupuncture. One week we concentrate on wellness discussing any issues I may have. The second week I have cosmetic acupuncture.
I find both treatments very relaxing and helpful, I often fall asleep while I wait for the magic to work!
Agata is so knowledgeable, friendly and professional she is very experienced in acupuncture. I would not hesitate to recommend Nova Natural Health to anyone wanting to try one of their treatments.

Sharon - Police Force

August 2020

Testimonial for  Acupuncturist & Homeopath - Agata Anna

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