Agata Anna

Acupuncturist & Homeopath, Nova Practice Director


Women's health, hormonal, fertility, emotional (anxiety, fears), insomnia, headaches, allergies & skin issues, children's health

Facial rejuvenation with cosmetic facial acupuncture

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Anna Palmer

McTimoney Chiropractor

Anna has always had passion for wanting to help people ‘get better’. 

Treating: musculoskeletal pains and injuries including back pain, neck pain, knee pains, achilles, sprained ankles, tennis elbow, headaches and many more. Also providing chiropractic care for babies and children.  

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Pawel Skrzypczak

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & Five Elements Acupuncture

Pawel has years of experience with mental health, dementia, autism and learning disability. Treating: digestive issues, musculoskeletal pains, allergies, and many more. Pawel is a volunteer at My Cancer My Choices charity and provides acupuncture for cancer patients in Royal Berkshire Hospital. 

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Daisy King

 Rehabilitation-based and Sports Chiropractor

Evidence-based Chiropractor specialising in pain management, sporting injuries, chronic low back and neck pain, fall prevention rehab for the elderly and rehab programmes for athletes.

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Marie McCaver

Reiki Energy Healing, Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Qualified Reiki practitioner with Hypnotherapy and Counselling skills. Offering Visual Guided Meditation & Emotional Freedom Technique. Striving to help clients achieve natural balance between mind, body & spirit. 

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Han Park

Microsystems Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Energy Healing, Massage

Han has initiated Wellness Days at Nova Clinic and has offered her enthusiastic combined treatment at Nova at each of our community events. She is an accomplished acupuncturist, passionate about natural health and alternative healing. Her massage is legendary. Han often joins Nova team for community events and wellness days.